ZTP & Me with Jimmy Moore

In October 2017, we chatted with J. Robert Moore, ZTP’s new Artistic Director, to find out how he got started in the theatre, what he loves about the Zilker Summer Musical, and why he’s excited to be on the ZTP team.


IMAGE Jimmy Moore (l) and Levi Stoneking (r) enjoyed ZTP's Zilker Summer Musical Footlose in August 2011Jimmy Moore (l) and Levi Stoneking (r) enjoyed ZTP’s Zilker Summer Musical Footloose in August 2011
ZTP: How did you get started working in musical theatre?
Jimmy: I started acting around 10 years old, but my first professional gig was in the chorus of the musical “Camelot” when I was 16. Ten years after that, I was living and working in New York, and today, I am back in South Texas telling stories I love though song and dance. It’s been a great ride!
ZTP: What was the first Zilker Summer Musical you saw, and what are some of your favorite memories as an audience member on The Hillside?
Jimmy: My first ZTP musical was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2006). I was so enchanted by the beauty of the choreography, and how well that story fit into the hillside setting. It was magical!


IMAGE ZTP's Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2006) ZTP’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2006)
ZTP: What Zilker Summer Musicals have you been involved in, and in what capacity?
Jimmy: I had been an audience member for several years, but last summer’s The Wizard of Oz was my first opportunity to work on The Hillside. It was an extraordinary experience, and I enjoyed it very much. I am thrilled to be making The Hillside my home as ZTP’s new Artistic Director.
ZTP: What do you most enjoy about being involved with the Zilker Summer Musical?
Jimmy: I love the can-do spirit of the organization. Because it is driven by such passionate individuals, there is a tremendous drive to do the very best show we can for every audience. It’s inspiring to see everyone doing their part to help the organization grow and succeed.
ZTP: After 60 years, the Zilker Summer Musical has evolved and changed. What are some of the changes you’ve witnessed? What do you want to see in ZTP’s future?
Jimmy: In the past few years, I have noticed a terrific increase in the quality of ZTP’s productions. Today, ZTP is truly creating Broadway-style musical theatre for Austin audiences. I hope to continue that tradition and help the company continue to grow and succeed.
ZTP: What is your Zilker Summer Musical dream show?
Jimmy: There are so many shows filled with diversity, laughter, love, and music that I would be THRILLED to bring to The Zilker Hillside. But for now, I’m going to let our next couple of seasons answer this question for me…
In summer 2018, Jimmy looks forward to directing the Elvis-inspired musical comedy All Shook Up, and planning some big community celebrations for ZTP’s 60th anniversary season. Sign-up and stay tuned to ZTP’s newsletters for details!

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