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ZTP Testimonials

From Hope and Penelope (Kyle, TX)

Penelope at the ZSM 2011From her first show, Footloose in 2011, Penelope has been a fan of the annual Zilker Summer Musical (ZSM). For Penelope’s mom, Holly, it is really important for her raise her family with lots of great art experiences.








Holly shared all these pics to share how much Penelope loves to meet the actors before and after the show.

Penelope with the Audrey II at Little Shop of Horrors 2013

Penelope at the ZSM 2013

Penelope at the ZSM 2013


Penelope at the ZSM (2014)

Penelope at Oklahoma! (2014) with J. Quinton Johnson - now in Broadway's Hamilton

Penelope at Little Shop of Horrors (2013) and Shrek The Musical (2016) with Andrew Cannata

Holly appreciates how “Penelope has always had the best experiences with the cast members. Each year we find they’re the sweetest, most talented bunch of people you’d want your kid to look up to. As a parent, there just isn’t a better venue to share a theatre experience with your child than the Zilker Hillside.”


Holly also notes that going to the Zilker Summer Musical every year “stretches Penelope’s imagination and inspires her to create. This year, she tried out for the school musical at her elementary school, and is so excited for her own moment on stage! It’s a dream of hers to be on the Zilker Summer Musical stage one day.”


From Julie (Rindge, NH)

While visiting my family in Austin in July 2016, I brought my grandchildren to ZTP’s Shrek The Musical. I expected to enjoy their excitement and enjoyment, I was happily surprised by my own captivation and delight in this professional production.


What a treasure for Austin! The sets were innovative, the costumes over the top, and the leads and chorus energetic with sweet singing and well executed dancing. I’ll be back next year!


And Julie did come back! Here she is pictured with her daughter and grandkids.


Prima & Wes (Austin, TX)

We loved Shrek! Our kids (ages 6 and 7) were glued to the show. The singing, music, dancing and acting were excellent and very entertaining. We will make this a family tradition every year!


Dragon in ZTP's Shrek The Musical

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