Shrek Pics

Enjoy pics from Shrek The Musical!

Thanks to all who joined ZTP for the 58th annual Zilker Summer Musical
between July 8 – August 13, 2016 at The Zilker Hillside Theater!


Pics courtesy of Dave Keslick

View of The Zilker Hillside

View of The Zilker Hillside – Shrek The Musical (Opening Weekend, July 2016) (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)

Shrek and Donkey

Stalwart Pals Who Love “Layers”: Shrek (Kyle G. Stephens) & Donkey (Patrick King) (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)


“I Know It’s Today” with Princess Fiona (left to right:┬áPaige Riley, Sara Burke, Megan Hudson) (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)


Pinnochio in ZTP's Shrek The Musical

“Story of My Life” with Pinnochio (Bobby Tschoepe) and ensemble. (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)

Lord Farquaad of ZTP's Shrek

Lord Farquaad (Andrew Cannata), Gingy (Samantha Bagdon), and Thelonius (Gus Garcia) (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)

Shrek with Fairytale Creatures_ZTPShrek2016_PhotoCredit_DaveKeslick

Shrek and The Fairytale Creatures (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)

Dragon in ZTP's Shrek The Musical

Dragon (Celeste Castillo) in all her #BigBigGirl glory, with Donkey (Patrick King) and ensemble. (Photo Credit: Dave Keslick)

Pics courtesy of Suzanne McBride

Photo credit to Suzanne McBride, used with permission by Zilker Theatre Productions.
Audience Arriving
Swamp Stomp
Shrek Gets Dressed
Donkey Gets Dressed
Lord Farquaad Gets Dressed
Papa Ogre Gets Dressed
Young Shrek Gets Dressed
Pinocchio Gets Dressed
Dressing Room Drama – Women
Waiting in the Wings
Fiona Quick Change
On Stage Action
Curtain Call
Concessions and Volunteers
Set and Props
Costumes / Dressing Rooms

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